Siberian Husky – Outgoing and Cheeky

It is believed that the Siberian husky has their origin among a group of Siberian nomads called the Chukchi. The exact history of this dog breed is yet to be documented, but some DNA tests carried out by experts have revealed that this breed is one of the oldest dog breeds currently in existence. People belonging to the Chukchi clan used these dogs for fast transportation and treated them as family dogs. The huskies were often allowed to sleep with Chukchi kids; they were also given warm and comfortable beds to rest.

Siberian Husky

In the year 1908, The Siberian huskies were imported to Alaska, where they were assigned the role of sled dogs. They were made to take part in the dogsled race called the Sweepstakes (a 408-mile race organized every year for assessing running ability of dogs); these members of the canine family happen to be active members of the race even today.

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Siberian Husky Puppies

According to records, the year 1930 saw the final importing of Siberian huskies from their motherland Siberia. That’s because the same year also marked the closing of the borders by the then Soviet government. However, these dogs kept thriving in the North American states. It’s true that some of their features have changed over the years, but they still maintain the majority of the amazing qualities the original Siberian huskies possessed.

Siberian Husky Temperament

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Siberian Husky Personality Temperament

The Siberian Huskies, as a result of being pack dogs, require owners boasting the ability to act as the leader of a group/pack. Dogs belonging to this particular breed know how to respect their master. This feature of the dog makes training them an absolute cakewalk. However, it must be noted that often these dogs test the limits of its master’s position i.e. the position he or she is enjoying in the group. If you face a similar situation, you should ignore the pushiness of the pet and keep asserting yourself as the pack’s leader. Make sure you don’t end up hitting or bullying your husky. Your job should be sticking to basic rules with consistency and clarity.

Husky Puppy In Snow

One of the easiest ways of handling the above-mentioned situation and establishing yourself as the leader is making the husky wait for eating. The moment the husky will understand that you are the custodian of valuable resources such as food, toys, treats, etc. it will accept your leadership.

The Siberian huskies are high energy pets. They often cause destruction both outdoors and indoors. This happens mostly when they don’t get adequate exercise or feel bored. You should never leave a husky alone in the home; if you do so, you might find your house demolished when you come back. There are several instances where these dogs have chewed through cement walls.

Husky Swimming

However, with the right kind of company, these canines act quite charmingly showcasing their playful and mischievous nature. They are social dogs, who love exhibiting their talents.

One of the most surprising qualities of these dogs is that they never bark. While that’s might be good news; there’s also bad news. They love howling. That’s a habit that might be enough for leaving your neighbors frustrated. In other words, you should show the guts of keeping a husky in your apartment only if it’s well trained and properly exercised.

Handsome Husky

The Siberian huskies are pretty lousy as watchdogs. Unlike the majority of the other dog breeds, they will rarely be suspicious of the strangers entering your abode.

Exercise needs

The above section must have helped you to understand that exercising regularly is a must for a Siberian husky. According to expert vets, these dogs must be exercised for 30-60 minutes each day. However, make sure that you don’t make your husk exercise when the weather is extremely hot. The energetic nature of the dogs, make them great jogging partners.

More Husky Puppies

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Suitability as a family pet

They are particularly good for families with kids. Other than being gentle and friendly, the Sibes are also highly outgoing and alert. These traits automatically make them great companion of children. Dogs belonging to this breed are also friendly with other dogs. However, remember that you cannot rely on huskies for taking care of your home.

Blue Eyed Husky

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Known health issues

The huskies usually healthy, but are susceptible to some health conditions. You should get your husky checked regularly for cataracts. As much as 10% of dogs belonging to this breed get the condition. Siberian huskies also develop skin diseases like allergies. Lupus and follicular dysplasia are also common among them.


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