Siberian Husky – Outgoing and Cheeky

It is believed that the Siberian husky has their origin among a group of Siberian nomads called the Chukchi. The exact history of this dog breed is yet to be documented, but some DNA tests carried out by experts have revealed that this breed is one of the oldest dog breeds currently in existence. People belonging to the Chukchi clan used these dogs for fast transportation and treated them as family dogs. The huskies were often allowed to sleep with Chukchi kids; they were also given warm and comfortable beds to rest.

Siberian Husky

In the year 1908, The Siberian huskies were imported to Alaska, where they were assigned the role of sled dogs. They were made to take part in the dogsled race called the Sweepstakes (a 408-mile race organized every year for assessing running ability of dogs); these members of the canine family happen to be active members of the race even today.


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