Rottweiler – Loving Confident and Loyal

Before the bankers came and took charge of our money, the Rottweiler, a German dog breed, had already tasted what it is like to be the protector of money. In 700 AD, the breed was popular for herding and protecting cattle from predators. Carrying meat to the market after slaughter, and protecting the butcher’s money on their way back home.


After making a sell, the butcher would put the money in a leather bag tied around the dog’s neck and walk home freely without fearing robbery. Needless to say, no robber would dare to get close to the dog to take the money.

The Rottweiler is a mix of three breeds of dogs namely the Roman drover dog, the German Pinscher, and the Swiss Mountain dog. The Drover dog was a fierce, intelligent, tough, and strong breed used by the Roman army in their fight to conquer Europe. The dog would guard the soldiers’ food and protect their encampments.


As the Roman army advanced into Europe, the Drover dogs bred with the Swiss mountain dog and the German Pinscher to give birth to the Rottweiler.


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