Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Alert and Affectionate

The background of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has deeply steeped in folklore that it is not clearly known where it originated from. Its origin in Pembrokeshire, Wales is told in the tales that say, two children, while tending their family cattle, found two puppies that looked like foxes but had something unique about them. These kids bundled the puppies and took them home. These children, with the support o their parents, tended to these puppies which in turn helped hem tend to the cattle in the field.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Some people say the Pembroke Welsh Corgis descended from Swedish cattle dogs brought by the Vikings to Wales in the 9th and 10th centuries. While others still think they were brought to Wales in the 12th centuries by Flemish weavers. In spite of the mystery of their origin, these dogs became great farm dogs and were recognized as purebred dogs by the UK Kennel Club in the 1920s. And in 1936, they were first shown in the US from where they gained popularity till today it is among the top 50 best family pets in America.
In 1933, King George VI gave her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II her first Pembroke Welsh Corgis and she loved them ever since. This particular one was named Rozavel Golden Eagle. She played with the dog together with her sister Margaret and today she has a pack of the breed around the palace.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

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This is a brilliant dog that is very devoted to its owner. It takes care of the family very seriously since it is an excellent watchdog. The dog is very lovable and playful and wants always to accompany the family wherever they go and wants to be a part of the action. They cooperate well with children especially if they grow together and socialize. They like to bark and get very excited at times, are instantly wary of strangers and are prone to defending their territory.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Personality

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It may be a small-bodied dog, but the Pembroke Welsh Corgis has a lot of dog in it. In the early times, they were used to hunt rodents and herd cattle in Pembrokeshire, Wales and have taken their job seriously ever since. By nipping the heels of cattle, they kept the cattle in line, and their small bodies kept them safe from kicks.
Today, they are still used as farm dogs but are also lovely family pets trustworthy around the children and are reliable watchdogs. Even though they have their own minds, they still desire to please those they love. They are introspective, attention-seeking and can also be clownish at times.
Corgi Pup

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Exercise needs

In spite of the high energy level of Pembroke Welsh Corgis, they require just a little amount of exercise for a happy, healthy life. The dog can adapt very easily to any setting, a ranch, a home with a yard, a condominium or apartment. Daily walking is required for about 30 minutes and if you have no yard at home, allow them to run in the park weekly. They, however, need lots of mental stimulation and should stay busy most of the day. Their root as farm dogs makes them want to keep agile hence their ability to excel in advanced training in obedience. Inadequate physical and mental stimulation may cause the dog to be anxious and very destructive if left alone.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Exercise Needs

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Suitability as a family pet

Pembroke Welsh Corgis made a very lovable family pet-friendly to the family but reserved in the presence of guests. When you socialize them at a young age, they will not be timid or shy. They coexist well with other family pets but are not interested in unfamiliar dogs they meet at the park or during walks. It lives for about 14 years meaning it can grow with the children. They have a history of tail-docking hence the likelihood of being born without a tail. They are happiest on a large farm but also do well in spacious apartments with some play area outside.
Suitability As a Family Pet

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Known health issues

The Pembroke Welsh Corgis lives for approximately 14 years and is prone o some serious health issues. These includes invertebral disc disease and hip dysplasia. It also experiences minor issues like degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, lens luxation and urinary stones in some occasions. Carrying out DNA, hip and eye test for the dog early in life may help identify some of these issues.
More Corgi Pups

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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi makes an ideal family pet.  They are smart, affectionate and alert.  Their bold nature comes from their history as a working dog and they love to run and play.

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