Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Alert and Affectionate

The background of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has deeply steeped in folklore that it is not clearly known where it originated from. Its origin in Pembrokeshire, Wales is told in the tales that say, two children, while tending their family cattle, found two puppies that looked like foxes but had something unique about them. These kids bundled the puppies and took them home. These children, with the support o their parents, tended to these puppies which in turn helped hem tend to the cattle in the field.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Some people say the Pembroke Welsh Corgis descended from Swedish cattle dogs brought by the Vikings to Wales in the 9th and 10th centuries. While others still think they were brought to Wales in the 12th centuries by Flemish weavers. In spite of the mystery of their origin, these dogs became great farm dogs and were recognized as purebred dogs by the UK Kennel Club in the 1920s. And in 1936, they were first shown in the US from where they gained popularity till today it is among the top 50 best family pets in America.


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