I’m spoilt cheeky poochon, named after Louis Vuitton!!!!I love carrots & peanut butter & could could play fetch all day ️ I share lots of to love & cuddles wherever I go!!! Follow my adventures on [email protected] Louis_poochon


Hello! Hannah is… well…special. She’s an English Mastiff who is a energetic socialite. Shocking. It gets worse (ha). As a joke – I put Hannah in a pink tutu (expecting her to rip it up). Nothing is ‘intimidating’ in a pink tutu. It took me 4 hours to get it off her. She loved it. Ugh. After surgery- she got …

Sassy & Digby

Sassy&Digby are two sweet and loving boxers!!! They love to nap& eat yogurt in their free time. Sassy is a tennis ball enthusiast& Digby is infatuated with “Mr. Piggy” his squeaker toy.
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