Jack aka Jackasaurus Jackapottomus Sargent Fuzzy Butt

We rescued Jack when he was approximately 12 months old from a kill shelter back in 2009.  He is the smartest, intuitive, best behaved fur baby we have ever owned. He is quick to pick up a trick, especially when there is a snack involved. Jack always alerts us to visitors to our property… welcome or not.  He’s guardian to …

Jenna Lynn

Jenna is going to be seven months old she is a black and silver mini schnauzer . Jenna has graduated from kindergarten she is very smart for being  her age. Schnauzers are natural from Germany raised to be raters in barns that’s why they have the beards and eyebrows to protect their face from the rats and mice that they …

Sophie & Tanner

Sophie & Tanner are 6 years old & the light in our lives. Sophie is so sweet, she will bury her head in you if you say ‘give me some loving.’ However, she is the alpha dog indeed. Tanner is so loving, mild & meek. He behaves so well & is just a precious boy! Sophie tries to push him …
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