Miss Coco Berry Muffin

Miss Coco has many nicknames = “Muffie” “Velcro” “Scruffie” “Pumpkin” and the list goes on.  She is perceptive, wise, caring, STUBBORN as a mule, athletic, and can’t hold her “licker !” Muffie loves her walks everyday and loves Big Dogs to Facebook with … She is funny to watch especially when she is sleeping … sleeps on her back with belly up and all four paws in the air …. it is a hint to “pet my belly.” Everyone that comes in contact with Muffie adores her and asks “now what type of dog is she again?… she is adorable.”  All dogs are the Best but Miss Coco Berry Muffin is voted the Bestest.


  1. doglover
  2. lu reilly
  3. Steph Sefcik

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