Havanese – Intelligent and Funny

It cannot be disputed that pets are great companions for kids and adults. Besides being mere companions, scientific evidence has proven that pets can promote mental and physical health. In fact, people who keep pets are known to live longer and happier lives compared to those who don’t. It is, therefore, important to select your pets wisely if you are doing it for the first time to enjoy these benefits. Dogs are said to be some of the best pets to keep. As a matter of fact, they are referred to as man’s best friends. There are many breeds of dogs for pets, but there is something special with Havanese.



Photo by jessiejacobson is licensed under CC BY-SA

Havanese History 

Havanese is an adorable and lively little dog that you will love keeping as a pet. The breed comes from one of the barbichon family of small dogs. Though the dogs got named after Havana, Cuba’s capital city. They arrived in Cuba from the Mediterranean in ancient times. They got brought by Spanish settlers in Havana where they developed their distinctive Cuban styles with insulated coat and a tolerance for heat. It was after the Cuban revolution that the breed almost came to the point of extinction. Only a few found their way into the US with refugees. This is where the breed increased significantly. The great charm that comes with this dog has been the reason behind its popularity.

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