Havanese – Intelligent and Funny

It cannot be disputed that pets are great companions for kids and adults. Besides being mere companions, scientific evidence has proven that pets can promote mental and physical health. In fact, people who keep pets are known to live longer and happier lives compared to those who don’t. It is, therefore, important to select your pets wisely if you are doing it for the first time to enjoy these benefits. Dogs are said to be some of the best pets to keep. As a matter of fact, they are referred to as man’s best friends. There are many breeds of dogs for pets, but there is something special with Havanese.



Photo by jessiejacobson is licensed under CC BY-SA

Havanese History

Havanese is an adorable and lively little dog that you will love keeping as a pet. The breed comes from one of the barbichon family of small dogs. Though the dogs got named after Havana, Cuba’s capital city. They arrived in Cuba from the Mediterranean in ancient times. They got brought by Spanish settlers in Havana where they developed their distinctive Cuban styles with insulated coat and a tolerance for heat. It was after the Cuban revolution that the breed almost came to the point of extinction. Only a few found their way into the US with refugees. This is where the breed increased significantly. The great charm that comes with this dog has been the reason behind its popularity.


Personality and Temperament

If you’re looking for a dog that will give your life a positive vibe, then Havanese is what you are searching for. Its sense humor is incredible, and you better give him attention when he does something funny because he loves it. The little dog is occasional naughty and mischievous, and it loves shredding papers. What makes it stand out from the rest is its ability to interpret and adjust to your mood.
 Personality and temperament
Havanese is a very affectionate, cheerful, gentle and loyal pet. Their degree of intelligence incredible and this makes their training very easy. They are natural companion dogs, highly social, playful and responsive. Life with this dog is indeed a special treat.

Havanese Exercises Needs

Exercises are important for pets not only to keep them healthy but fit. Havanese has a high weight gain potential, and thus physical activities are necessary. Walks and moderate hiking are some of the best exercises for this dog. Makes sure that you are getting at least 45-minute walks every day for this dog. Hiking once in a while is a great exercise to keep the dog fit and active. If you cannot afford time for a walk, a good play session at your backyard is also a great exercise. You can make him chase other animals or toys around the backyard. If your backyard is fenced, let him have fun running around or chasing squirrels.


Havanese Pupp

Havanese puppy” by Hemlit is licensed under CC BY

Havanese suitability is a family pet

The suitability of this little dog with a family is impressively high. First, the dog is easy going and excellent for a new owner. You will not have trouble with it rejecting new family members. Havanese is friendly with kids, and thus you will never worry about bites or it being aggressive towards your children. Some dogs are known for crossing to neighbors’ homes, but Havanese has a very low rating on impulse to wander. It is unlikelihood to get lost by itself or wander around.
 Havanese Family Pet
Havanese does not bite or nip while playing so you can rest assured that even the children are safe playing with it. It can quickly adjust to new environment and people.

Havanese Health Issues

Dogs like human have the potential to develop genetic health disorders. Most of these are inherited according to the bloodline of the dog. For the Havanese, there are no major or threatening concerns about their health. They are very healthy long-lived dogs with a lifespan of 12-14 years. Like other long-lived breeds, they are prone to juvenile heritable character, kidney problems, patellar luxation, Sebaceous Adenitis and dry skin which are nothing but minor concerns.


Havanese Exercise Needs

Sophia Flies” by carterse is licensed under CC BY-SA

Havanese is a fantastic pet to keep. It’s friendly, playful and adorable nature makes it one of the best dog pets around. It is small in size and thus it does not require large kennels and much food to maintain. In other words, it is not an expensive pet to keep. These little dogs are great friends and you will definitely enjoy their company.

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