Hello! Hannah is… well…special.
She’s an English Mastiff who is a energetic socialite.
It gets worse (ha).
As a joke – I put Hannah in a pink tutu (expecting her to rip it up). Nothing is ‘intimidating’ in a pink tutu. It took me 4 hours to get it off her. She loved it. Ugh.
After surgery- she got up to 170lbs. I couldn’t get her to go outside. So….I put her in the tutu again.
She’s lost 40lbs & now she won’t go outside without a tutu, bow or nails painted.

Love makes you do crazy things
Hannah has to meet & socialize with everyone & every dog. At 3 years – I can’t believs she’s never been bitten by even the ‘fiercest or anti-social dogs…And every child/kid who meets/beats/pets her —- she allows, just rolls over & welcomes the attention.

Thank you for encouraging our story.
We appreciate the love




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