Golden Retriever – Noble Loyal Companions

Golden Retrievers are one of the most honest dog breeds you’ll ever encounter. They’re very friendly, loving, intelligent, and are a fabulous pet. However, that’s not all; they are best known for their special abilities when it comes to retrieving games. They’re also natural athletes and do well in sports.

Beautiful Golden Retriever

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Golden retrievers were developed after a long line of breeding from the Newfoundland, Irish setter, and Tweed water spaniels during the 19th century. The ultimate goal of their original breeders is to develop a hunting dog that’s big enough and have the endurance to hunt and retrieve plenty of game birds at a given time. It was a success because this breed is an excellent bird dog that excels in both water and land retrieval.

As years went by, the Golden Retriever also became popular with British Nobility. Aside from being an excellent hunting dog, they’re also the perfect companion. It has a habit of pleasing its owner, but it can also do a great job of being a search and rescue dog.

Personality and Temperament

Golden Retrievers make a perfect family companion. They are very obedient, playful, loyal, intelligent, well-mannered, great with kids and even to strangers (as long as they don’t sense danger). Furthermore, they’re also great watchdogs, but you can’t expect much from them if you want a guard dog.

Small Retriever Pups

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Like what has been mentioned earlier, they’re kind to strangers they love humans too much, that it’s difficult to train them as guard dog.

Though, when it comes to other aspects, such as obedience training, they’re always on top of their classes and the champions of sporting competition. They get used by hunters because they are reliable bird dogs that have a strong sense of smell and could easily work alongside with humans. That’s why they’re also used as narcotics and other border patrol dogs.

Golden Retriever Family Dog

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Exercise Needs

This is a very active breed that needs a lot of exercise, but not as much as other retrievers. The good thing about them is that, their usual activity requirements involve daily walks and playing fetch.

Golden Retrievers enjoy almost any kind of outdoor activities where their owners can participate in. Be it running, biking, walking, hiking, swimming, or even playing chase with the kids.

Although they’re naturally even-tempered, their size makes it impractical to have them as apartment dogs. It’s important to give them enough space to roam around, because having them confined is definitely unfair to them.

Retriever Swimming

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Also, to keep your Golden Retriever happy, it should get at least 1.5 hours or more of exercise a day. You also have to know that a Golden Retriever won’t exercise by itself! It would be the owner’s job to throw for fetch, play tug, run. You can’t let them run loose in a yard, because this won’t motivate them at all. They’ll just give you the puppy eyes and ask you to let him go back in.

Suitability as a Family Pet

Golden Retrievers are great for families. However, it’s also important to note that because these are big dogs, it’s ideal to have ample space in your home.

There should be enough space for water, food, dog bed, and play area. Also, most of the time, they crave to be with their family/owners. That means you should be ready to find your buddy following you around, trying to be by your side all the time. That also means you’ll probably find them under your feet, or beside you. This could be uncomfortable if you’re living in a small space.

Known Health Issues


Based on the study conducted by the Golden Retriever Club, it has been revealed that 1 of every 2 Golden Retrievers are susceptible to cancer. Hemangiosarcoma is the most common type of cancer among them, followed by osteosarcoma, mastocytoma, and lymphosarcoma.

On The Beach

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Aside from that, skin diseases, such as allergies are quite common. This leads to itching skin that causes bacterial skin infection.

Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are also common to them due to their bone structure and size. Epilepsy can also be a cause of concerns, as well as eye diseases, but it’s not as common as other health ailments for Golden Retrievers.

Final Words


A lot of dog breeds can be independent and aloof. This is what makes the Golden Retrievers extra special. They are very affectionate and would love to be with their family all the time. Thus, they are a perfect pet for a family, or for those who want a very loyal companion.

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