Dachshund – Friendly and Curious

Dachshunds are small hounds with a big spirit and a unique diminutive shape. Their soulful eyes are so inviting. They are lively, charming and welcoming pets. They love company and wouldn’t mind sharing their personal space with other dogs. Their lifespan ranges from 12-15 years and weighs 11-32 pounds.


The History of the Dachshund

The Dachshund breed was discovered by medieval huntsmen to rid their homesteads of burrowing and badgering animals from their dens. They originally come from Germany and have been in existence for over 500 years. The wild hound was treasured for his miniature size. Also the ability to quickly recognize scents and his courageous trait in the presence of imminent dreadful foes.

The original breeds that contributed to the production of Dachshunds include the Schweisshund; a Bloodhound, Dachsbrackes (pointer dogs) and Beagles. The earliest types had smooth coats and came in a variety of colors.

Dachshund Puppy

The Dachshund ranks as one of the most well-liked dog breeds in America and was imported in 1870 to hunt rabbits. A 2008 study in the Applied Animal Behavior Science found Dachshund hounds the most hostile dogs. The breed descended from fearless bred dogs to hunt prey in underground tunnels.

Those traits make it stubborn, and aggressive with other dogs. The AKC registered the first Dachshund in 1885. The Dachsh is currently ranked 8th among the dog breeds listed by the AKC.

Balancing Act

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