Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Graceful and Affectionate

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Personality and Temperament 

The Cavalier is an excitable dog who’s interested in every person he or she meets. If that person were to sit down and offer a treat as well as a place in their lap, then you can be sure the Cavalier will come over and get friendly! This breed simply adores soft pillows, warm hugs and yet retain their outdoor instinct and athletic features.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Temperament

Cavalier King CHarles Spaniel” by shingleback is licensed under CC BY

The Cavalier can come in a wide variety of personalities. They can be rowdy and frisky, or calm and relaxed. They aren’t as reliable as the other breeds when it comes to being a watchdog because they sometimes bark at strangers, and sometimes not.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels’ Exercise Needs

If you’re living in an apartment or a condo, then the pint-sized Cavalier is a good choice as it is often calm and friendly. You may see them getting active sometimes in the house, but a small yard can also fit in perfectly for their exercise needs.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Exercise Needs
Take your Cavalier out for a leashed walk around the neighborhood or within the yard. The leash is important because the Cavalier breed exhibits little to no street smarts, often allowing their base nature to get the best of them. They can run after a bird in flight and not heed the present dangers.
This breed is versatile and can adapt to their owner’s personality and lifestyle. They can be your couch potato partner or your closest workout buddy. The essential part is that they should get to walk at least once a day.
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