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English Bulldog He was from a champion show line. He had bad hips and crooked front paws so he wasn’t perfect. They were going to put him down! So I snagged him. I love him so very much!


Isabella is a Shih Tzu whos  almost 4 months old.  Shes the sweetest little girl who came into our lives after loosing Rootie our first  ShihTzu a few months ago.  Isabella is a fun loving puppy and has brought alot of sunshine in our home.


This is Louie. The man of my home for now. This is his picture as a puppy. It’s hard to get a pose from him now.  Does anyone have suggestions on posing your schnauzer for pictures?  He came in to my home during a time that I needed him the most and has captured my heart❤️  It took a while …


Skylar is a beautiful tri-colored white Shetland Sheepdog.  He lives his family and is always keeping up with what they are doing and checks on each of us if we are split across the house.  Our Skylar is a very particular dog as we listens to commercials and identifies then to contain animals as soon as the words start and …


Wilma is a silly, goofy & loving little girl & is 9 years young. She loves watermelon, bananas & laying in the sun. She loves giving lots of kisses!!


He is a Border Collie Beagle Mix. He is very smart and loves Children.  Sadly Bo did pass away. But i still want people to reconize him.


Ellie is a beautiful Sable German Shepherd who came into my life 18 months ago at 8 weeks of age. I got her a couple months after losing my loving shepherd Noire. I was devastated from her loss, and it was the first time in 14 years I didn’t have a dog for a friend. Ellie is turning out to be everything …


Noire, a beautiful solid black German Shepherd, was not only my best friend and companion for 14 years, she was my first dog. We were inseparable and I was as much her human as she was my dog. I had never had a dog growing up, and at 35 years of age, Noire came into my life when she was …

Sweet Annie

Golden Lab, she’s 11 years old now. Smartest, most faithful loyal, kindest dog ever! I have Dermatomyositis a muscle disease. When I was really bad I couldn’t walk without falling, Annie would come get me up by allowing me to use her to stabilize myself. I couldn’t turn in bed, Annie sleeps beside my bed and would pull on the …
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