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Needs a new home by February. Very friendly with all people and she’ll protect you once she gets to know you. She’s not so friendly with other animals. She LOVES to run, and go for walks. She’s really sweet and she’s a pit bull mixed.


We have owned 5 schnauzers. They are wonderful and just as your article describes. Lots of fun, talkative and only barks to let you know that you need to check on something. Great family dog and companion


Charlie is my third Cavalier, when I lost my previous two cavaliers, one Tri and one Ruby,   within eight weeks of each other I was devastated.I eventually decided to buy Charlie. Charlie is now 4 1\2years old and a priceless addition to our family

Harley Bean

A White Mini Schnauzer with a huge personality and a heart to match! Harley never meets a stranger. Which is kind of ironic because I got her to be a watch dog. However she is my constant companion and loves going for walks so she can socialize with everyone in the neighbors. I have totally fallen in love with my …


If you are able to please share this go fund me page for my dog Theodore I would be forever grateful, he was hit by a car on Boxing Day and we are just hoping for someone to take a chance on us and share our page! @theodoresrecovery

Piper Cub

Piper Cub is a Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel.  They are not common in the US, but are popular bird dogs in the UK.  Piper is always happy and we call her little tail a propeller because she is always wagging it.  She could play fetch 24-7 and loves to sprint out to get her tennis balls.  I have very …
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