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She is a black standard poodle from Czech Republic , I brought her over and she now lives with us in Florida – smart and the most lovable dog one can own

Miss Coco Berry Muffin

Miss Coco has many nicknames = “Muffie” “Velcro” “Scruffie” “Pumpkin” and the list goes on.  She is perceptive, wise, caring, STUBBORN as a mule, athletic, and can’t hold her “licker !” Muffie loves her walks everyday and loves Big Dogs to Facebook with … She is funny to watch especially when she is sleeping … sleeps on her back with …


Harvey, my dog, is amazing, he is a beautiful boxer who cares for anyone in need. He is sweet, kind, and active. Whenever I go on runs he has to come along. I could have never of asked for a better dog myself.


Julie is my precious seven-year-old Shih Tzu .  She’s loving friendly funny and very well behaved.  She goes to work with me every day and when I take her out for walks it is absolutely impossible for people downtown to stop me and tell me just how beautiful they think she is .   She often visits patients at a nursing …


Molly is a rescue dog from Georgia, she is said to be part Terrier, and Papillon. . She loves to steal anything she can get hold of, especially pens, tissues and paper towels. She has even swallowed my knee high stockings, thankfully she relieved herself of them. She is also very loving and gets along with our two cats. She …


Achilles was abandon when he was 12wks.old. He just showed up on my doorstep on a hot summer day. He was wagging his tiny tail wanting a drink of water. My family took him in and he has been with us for 3 years now. We think he might be lab/spaniel or even golden retriever mix.
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