Bulldog – Calm Courageous and Friendly

The major breeds of bulldogs are English bulldog, American bulldog, and French bulldog. The bulldog has a broad shoulder which matches with the head. The skin of the bulldog is thick and folded on its brow Bulldogs have black eyes with muzzle called as rope.


Photo By Brandon Weight

Bulldog Video

The male bulldog weighs around 55-60 pounds and female weighs around 45 pounds. The notable characteristic is the tail of the bulldog they are naturally short and curly.

There are various types of Bulldogs available in the market. A Few of the breeds are Alapaha Blue Blood, American Bulldog, French Bulldog, Aussie Bulldog, Catahoula Bulldog, Olde English Bulldog, Victorian Bulldog, Campeiro Bulldog, Valley Bulldog and few other breeds.

Tired Bulldog

Photo By Art Es Anna

English Bulldogs have more buying priority over other breeds. It is very easy to cheat a person into buying the cheapest Bulldogs. The household should buy a bulldog from a reputable breeder.

English Bulldog is considered as the best pet for the household. Well bred dogs have more advantages rather than buying them from the shop. The best-bred dogs remain healthy for a long time.

British Bulldog

Photo By D Pearce

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