Brutus is our beyond spoiled, hilarious, goofy and the most loving fella I have ever met! Brutus is a full blood, solid black, Great Dane. He is one and three months old, he weighs 164 lbs, but thinks he’s a little fella. Brutus has brought so much live and happiness into my life. For the past 6 years I have battled bipolar 1 disorder. To say the least it’s been the most difficult, frustrating, painful, controlling, selfish disease I think I have ever dealt with. Brutus is my baby, he’s a total lover, and a big ole baby. If he see’s me shed a tear or hears me sobbing, he comes quickly and lays beside me loving me with complete unconditional love. Brutus has literally saved my life, I have many times considered taking my life. Now all I have to have to make me smile and happy is The Greatest Dane EVER!!! I love my BooBoo Baby!! (That’s his nickname 


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