Boston Terrier – Friendly and Bright

The Boston Terrier breed originated in Boston and is one of the few breeds that are native to the U.S. In the 1870s, an inter-mixing of English Bulldogs and English Terriers led to the creation of the Boston Terrier. Believe it or not, this breed was known by a different title back then. They were called Bull Terriers, or “Round Heads”. Some of these Bull Terrier owners formed a club and started the American Bull Terrier Club. This angered some hardcore Bull Terrier breed fanciers. With little to no recourse, the group had to change their beloved dog’s names to that of Boston Terrier. They then established the American Boston Terrier Club in 1891. The Boston Terrier officially appeared in AKC two years later.


Boston Terrier

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A Boston Terrier’s notable traits include a balanced and compact build, a short tail and a short head and a smooth coat. The color can be black, seal or brindle with spots of white.

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