Beagle – Friendly and Curious

Are you interested in a Beagle? Well, the Beagle is one of the few popular dogs that will adapt much faster to any home. Whether you have a large family, playful kids or pets from different breeds. It is cute, friendly and the best part, peaceful with people and other pets. However, just like making a decision to live with any other pet, it is always important to take a lot into consideration. Before owning this type of a dog, it is vital that you weigh the advantages and the disadvantages. To figure out whether it is the kind of pet you want to have in your house or not.

This post has covered everything you need to know about Beagles before owning one

The Beagle

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History of Beagle

Experts say that the early ancestors of Beagles were used for hunting by Greek people in the fifth century. Initially, they were small dogs that stood approximately, 8 inches tall and were sometimes called pocket beagles. In the middle of the eighteenth century, hunters become more interested in larger dogs because they were strong and faster. For that reason, the use of beagles to hunt started to fade away and eventually, stopped in the year 1901.

As time goes, many pet lovers started to realize that a beagle despite its hunting abilities could make an awesome family pet. It even went ahead and won a variety of prizes such as the best dog to keep. For example, in the year 1928, it got ranked the top-winning American-Bred dog of the year. In 2008 it won the Best in Show and is currently at the third position of the most popular dog breeds around the globe.

Beagle Video

Cute Beagle

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• What to like about the dog

According to many beagle fanatics, these dogs are friendly, smart, playful and the best part, affectionate. One of the reasons they get rated among the best family pets is the fact that, they are small, easy to groom and most importantly, they love children. Apparently, they are more energetic than many other pets because of their hunting nature. Also, they are sociable and enjoy being around people and will meet and greet anyone they come across. Unlike many other pet dogs, they are versatile and can perform a variety of tasks besides their tracking ability.

• What you might not like about the dog

Despite its wonderful nature, a beagle dog has its downside just like any other pet. It is not bad for any dog to bark, but beagles’ howling can be disturbing, especially when you are not living in your compound. Also, beagles are always not looking forward to pleasing anyone. For this reason, they can be hard to train, but this is a problem you should leave to a pet trainer. Lastly, they are fond of following their noses making it easy for them to wander off your property and get into trouble.

As you can see, owning a beagle dog, despite their loving nature, can be a task sometimes. And that is why dog experts highly advise that you introduce obedience training as early as possible. Especially if you are a very busy person. Just like any other dog, they also need to maintain their overall fitness to remain healthy.

Beautiful Beagle

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Exercise needs

It is easy to assume the exercise needs of beagles because of their small size. Beagle dogs, unlike many other dog breeds, needs to exercise a lot to stay healthy. According to dog experts, Beagles have a short attention span, meaning that if they don’t exercise, they will easily get bored. Also, as mentioned earlier, they are very active and would enjoy being outdoor more often.

If you don’t have a protected yard where they can walk or run freely, you can always take them for a walk to prevent them from gaining weight. Because they are natural hunters, they require running more often. Besides, taking them for a run will also help you achieve your fitness goals.

Here are some common exercise games that make beagle exercising enjoyable.

• Treats – Just like any dog, beagles love a reward especially, after achieving something. But, you are required to give them a treat only one. Other times, you can show them that you appreciate what they are doing by giving them a pat on their backs.

• Running behind a flying ribbon – A beagle will keep on chasing a ribbon until you are done playing with it making it easy for it to maintain a healthy weight.

• Fetch – All dogs love playing fetch, but they will love it more if whatever you want them to fetch smells good.

As beagles are more energetic than many other dogs, spare at least 30 minutes to train with your beagle dog, at least twice every day. Doing this will prevent it from becoming so excited and stubborn due to boredom.

Beagle Exercising

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Suitability as family dog

Is beagle suited for a family dog? Well, it is cute, likes meeting and greeting people, likes playing with kids and the best part, peaceful around other pets. These are the traits that make every pet worth keeping, and a beagle dog is not an exception. It might get too noisy, wander off your property or become restless, but this doesn’t make it a threat to your kids or family members. If well taken care of, a beagle is one of the best dog breeds to keep around. Whether you need an exercise partner or a loving companion to be by your side when you’re lonely.

Beagle Puppies

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Common health issues in beagle dogs to watch out for

Beagle is usually one of the healthiest breeds to keep, but there are some health issues you should always be concerned about if you want it to maintain a healthy life. Here are some of them.

* Pyoderma – Is quite similar to acne in humans but will appear on the stomach of your dog. You can simply treat it by using an antibiotic to wash it out.

* Chondrodysplasia – Is one of the rarest ailments that make a beagle look small. If you spot signs such as a deformed vertebra or legs, contact your vet immediately.

* Idiopathic epilepsy – More often is genetic and will cause a seizure bringing your dog to the ground with its mouth wide and limbs extended just like epilepsy in humans. If you see this, let your vet know immediately.

* Hypothyroidism – You will notice some hair loss, dull coat, skin complications and weight gain that will result if the thyroid of your beagle is not functioning. You can treat it using a thyroid hormone supplement.

Beagle Pup

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Other common health issues include cherry eyes, intervertebral disc disease, allergies and more. Most of these diseases will seem harmless in their first phase but can result in serious health issues. So, remember to contact your vet immediately you see something unusual.



Even if you are not a pet fanatic, you will love beagles at first sight. They are cute, friendly and smart. Although they can get so loud or make a lot of noises, a beagle is a true definition of man’s best friend. Whether you are looking for a dog that will help you exercise, play with your kids or keep you company in your lonely hours, a beagle dog is usually your best bet. But all this depends on how you take care of it.

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