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Vlady is now 10 years old. Originally, he was born in the Andes Mountains of South America, La Paz, Bolivia. He now lives in the Arkansas Delta surrounded by cotton fields.  He is cheerful, mischievous (for example, nipping me in the tush when I am not looking; when bored while waiting with me and his elderly cocker spaniel sister in …


He’s always around our family, wants to be glued on us. He could had a long walk but is always ready to go out! He eats grass, makes holes and sleeps with us! Don’t leave small toys or objects laing around as it will be chewed and destroyed! Cheeky monkey!


I’m spoilt cheeky poochon, named after Louis Vuitton!!!!I love carrots & peanut butter & could could play fetch all day ️ I share lots of to love & cuddles wherever I go!!! Follow my adventures on [email protected] Louis_poochon


Hello! Hannah is… well…special. She’s an English Mastiff who is a energetic socialite. Shocking. It gets worse (ha). As a joke – I put Hannah in a pink tutu (expecting her to rip it up). Nothing is ‘intimidating’ in a pink tutu. It took me 4 hours to get it off her. She loved it. Ugh. After surgery- she got …

Sassy & Digby

Sassy&Digby are two sweet and loving boxers!!! They love to nap& eat yogurt in their free time. Sassy is a tennis ball enthusiast& Digby is infatuated with “Mr. Piggy” his squeaker toy.


She is a human trapped in a dogs body. She gives you these looks and you just have to wonder how she knows about the situation that is going on around her. We call it the “side eye” she doesn’t move her head but she looks at you from the corner of her eyes. I’m telling ya- she’s a trapped …
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