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Achilles was abandon when he was 12wks.old. He just showed up on my doorstep on a hot summer day. He was wagging his tiny tail wanting a drink of water. My family took him in and he has been with us for 3 years now. We think he might be lab/spaniel or even golden retriever mix.


We had three older labs. My husband needed a kidney and I was not a match.   So I put my kidney in a pool to increase the chance of him getting a transplant. We went into surgery in March. One lab passed in May then one in June. A litter of Great Danes were born in July. Labor Day weekend …


Es un Solecito,  llena de energía.  Su máximo es jugar con su pelota.  Y adora todos sus juguetes,  es una gran compañera. Mi Esposa la adora.  Ella es muy comelona.  Adora sus premios que son de carnaza.  Le gusta mucho bañarse y estar linda.


BJ was 6 when we took himin . He was given back to his breeder for reasons unknown. He is a wonderful cuddly quiet corgi. He is tri colored and as we have only had red and white in the past his look took a bit to get used too. Here he is in his Haloween pumpkin costume 2017.  


Pixel came to us at 3 yrs. old from a breeder. She was retired after raising 2 litters. She has settled into our routine and has been a very noisy addition to our family.


Pearl was rescued after she escaped (on her own) from being used as a “bait dog” for fighting Pit Bulls. She was “hog-tied” and hung up by a rope from above, to give the fighting dogs some “live bait” to warm up on. She’s half Lab/half Pit Bull, and she’s fully recovered from her abuse; and she is the prettiest, …


Up until a couple of years ago, we always had Cocker Spaniels.  No more!  Loved them all!  But with the Shih tzu it is a whole new world.
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