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Kirei and Yuki

My dogs are 5 years old and are ‘the best’ they are my cuddle buddies, my guard dogs, and my best friends! I would be lost without them! I have had Schnauzer’s before and know that they are the smartest, most loyal dogs you could ever want to have! I love them!


Digby is the sweetest most loving fur baby ever. He is so eager to please his family. He gets super excited when training cause he wants to do a good job. He is a great guard dog. No mailman gets close to our house without us knowing. He is a year and a half old white miniature schnauzer.


My Doberman Dasher was the closest buddy ever! Whenever I worked on a project around the house he would just lay there with his front two paws crossed watching every move. So sad that he had to be put down due to a spinal problem that rendered his back legs paralyzed……I miss him every day!   


Coco is her name,she is 2months old weights 40kg and very active and alive she is really fun to be with and a command type of a dog.  

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Digging

Nothing is as frustrating as coming home to discover that your lovely garden has been destroyed completely. Digging is a perfectly natural thing for dogs to do, but it can be quite destructive. If you would like to ensure that your dog doesn’t dig in the garden, offer him the right outlet for that behavior, instead of attempting to stop …
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