7 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Owning a dog when living in a suburban house or an apartment in the city can be hectic for you and your neighbors at times. If you do it right it will be a walk in the park. Some things have to be considered when picking the right breed of dog to keep in apartments. You have to consider how often does your dog bark, go outside and the ability to remain calm when new faces are around. However, when picking the right breed of dog size does not matter as commonly thought. Here are 7 best dog breeds for apartments.


Due to the size, most people overlook the mastiff when picking dogs for apartments. Far from that, an adult mastiff is a gentle giant with moderate energy levels. According to Street Vet, as long as the mastiff is given a daily walk, the giant could be the perfect companion for you in your condo or apartment.
However, for those living in apartments with no elevators should not get this breed since the pups could be at times heavy to carry up and down the stairs. During their active and destructive puppy daily exercise is recommended.


This breed is great for apartments as the dog is small in nature and most of the time they stay quiet. Since time in memorial, the breed has been considered as toy dogs and usually associated more with royalty. The breed is good with children and could enjoy playtime with your kids within the apartment but not excessive.
They are however sensitive when it comes to heat. During summer the apartment should be air-conditioned. They are also usually active during walks but have moderate temperate.

Grey Hounds

Grey Hounds are normally tall and thin in their physical appearance. Surprisingly aside from their appearance, greyhounds can be very apartment friendly. Grey Hounds also do require much exercise, unlike other dogs. Five-minute exercise is enough to keep the greyhound relaxed for the rest of the day. Grey Hounds are usually laid back.
In terms of noise, Grey Hounds are a calm breed as they don’t back a lot. They also don’t require much grooming. They react quite fairly to new faces so you won’t have to be worried about having people over.

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are usually small and quiet in nature. They are very common with apartment dwellers, especially in New York. This breed doesn’t need a lot of exercise. French Bulldogs are also usually well mannered and easy going.
During the day, they don’t do much other than lay around. They are however a curious breed. They are also sensitive to heat and air conditioning is advised during hot days. Grooming doesn’t take much time due to their size.

Tibetan Spaniel

They are usually small in nature and weigh about 15 pounds. They are good with people as their temperate is quite moderate in nature. They can play around the apartment when left alone. They can also go for long walks.
They also act as watchdogs but do not bark excessively and a moderate amount of activity is required when it comes to them. Grooming is easy. Due to their size, they can be easily carried around.


They are usually playful and mischievous in nature but easily adapt to any lifestyle change or environmental change. They can accompany you to almost anyplace. They don’t require much activity and can be left at home.
They are however notorious snorers for those planning to share their beds. The temperate is good and you won’t have to be so much worried about having people around. They are also good with children.


A Havanese is usually about 10 to 15 pounds and fury in nature. They are also playful in nature.They need regular grooming due to the long coat. They don’t require so much activity. Their size is good for space within the apartment.
They have a nature of being alert but don’t necessarily bark a lot. The playful nature allows them to be good with kids. Grooming doesn’t take much time due to their size.
The above dogs are ideal for apartments especially city dwellers. However, if you are looking for a perfectly well-behaved dog it is advised that you train your dog with a well-known service provider.

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