Month: September 2017


We love our dogs, that’s no secret. We love everything about them, even that guilty look they have when they know they’ve done wrong. Our pets Late beloved unforgettable Roemy and cute puppy Ranger remind us to never give up, to keep pushing, and to overcome the things that might hold us back. We would like to inspire other pets …


English Bulldog He was from a champion show line. He had bad hips and crooked front paws so he wasn’t perfect. They were going to put him down! So I snagged him. I love him so very much!


Isabella is a Shih Tzu whos  almost 4 months old.  Shes the sweetest little girl who came into our lives after loosing Rootie our first  ShihTzu a few months ago.  Isabella is a fun loving puppy and has brought alot of sunshine in our home.


This is Louie. The man of my home for now. This is his picture as a puppy. It’s hard to get a pose from him now.  Does anyone have suggestions on posing your schnauzer for pictures?  He came in to my home during a time that I needed him the most and has captured my heart❤️  It took a while …


Skylar is a beautiful tri-colored white Shetland Sheepdog.  He lives his family and is always keeping up with what they are doing and checks on each of us if we are split across the house.  Our Skylar is a very particular dog as we listens to commercials and identifies then to contain animals as soon as the words start and …
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