Month: July 2017


She is the cutest Havanese ever with beautiful golden eyes. When I look into her eyes all I see is love. She is truly my best friend????❤️.

Charlie and Eddie

They are 6 and 7 years old and they have totally made me into a dog loving fool! This is the first time I have owned dog (s). I would never not own a dog again. They are like children with fur! ❤  

Sir Jaxalot

He is the most spirited person I know, I say that because he acts like he’s my son He is self entertaining himself all the time. When I ask him if he wants to walk with me he gets all excited and tries saying ” yea yea”. When I pick him up he stands straight up in the palm of …

Maria Maëlla

Ce sont des chiens qui sont vraiment intelligents. On peut leur montrer plusieurs tours et consignes qu’ils apprennent avec beaucoup de facilité. Ils aiment jouer des tours, s’amuser mais ne demande pas énormément d’exercice. Même s’ils ont une bonne fourrure il ne demande pas un entretien excessif ( c’est même surprenant). On doit les socialiser très tôt car ils ont …

Stella (aka @StellaTheFrenchieBeBe)

Stella The Frenchie (aka StellaTheFrenchieBeBe) is a French Bulldog living in Chicago that loves making both canine and human friends as well as giving back to the community. Stella has a wonderful loving & generous personality and wants to share it with the world!
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