Month: February 2017

Shetland Sheepdog – Energetic and Playful

The Shetland Sheepdog originated in the 1800s and its ancestors were from Scotland, which worked as herding dogs. These early dogs were fairly small, about 20 inches in height, which further developed into the current Shetland Sheepdog. It is said that other dogs came into the mix as well. This helped produce this breed, namely the early Collie, the Iceland …

Pomeranian – Bold and Inquisitive

Inquisitive by nature and cute in size, Pomeranians are a true ‘toy dog.’ Pomeranians are perky and friendly and if you are thinking about getting a puppy soon, here is everything you want to know about them, their personality and other aspects. This is a general overview of this amazing, beautiful, cuddle-friendly and fluffy breed. Pomeranian is a toy breed …

Mastiff – Courageous and Good Natured

The breed is commonly referred to as the “Mastiff”. Also known as the English Mastiff this giant dog breed gets known for its splendid, good nature. Even though this dog breed got bred as a guard dog, it’s well-known for being docile, despite its ferocious appearance.    Mastiffs are aloof towards danger and strangers, and will not take intruders kindly. …
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